by Kathy Gabler

††††††††††† To intercede in effectual, fervent prayer, we need to understand and respond to our dreams and visions. I sometimes wonder why people believe a dream is significant or possibly a rehearsal and yet they do not pursue understanding of its meaning. Perhaps fear or pride are key reasons. Since we have no "say so" or control over dreams and visions, sometimes we are afraid they might reflect on us and expose us to judgment or embarrassment. Then sometimes we feel like the dream might not really be significant and then everyone will see us reaching for importance and missing it. But we must understand that Godís telegrams require a step of faith. To have insight into dreams and visions, we must first trust Godís goodness and wisdom. Just as God does not send prophecy to embarrass or condemn us, neither does He send dreams and visions to embarrass, condemn or confuse us, or cause us pain, sadness, fear, etc.

God uses dreams and visions to give insight into hearts: A lady sent me a dream that was about 3 different women: one lady was a confused Bride, another was a mother with 5 kids, the third lady was driving her husbandís truck into a pond... with him in it. All three of the women were actually issues of her own heart: she was trying to understand and appropriate covenant, she was torn between patience and panic - regarding her potential and purpose in life, and a legitimate need for security had become a driving force that took the driverís seat. So the dream gave insight as to how to pray and begin resolve, understanding and healing.

††††††††††† God uses dreams and visions to give insight into situations: My aunt dreamed she saw a car on a highway. The fog was so dense around it that she could barely see its headlights. She woke up abruptly, startled and concerned. Suddenly she remembered Marty and I were out of town in a meeting; so she began to pray. Later that night we made it home but crept along the last few miles, the alternator going out and our lights going dimmer by the mile. God woke her to usher in deliverance even before the alternator began to fail. Like a Word of Knowledge says God is intervening, giving supernatural insight because He is ready to act, likewise a dream or vision mandate, says He is ready to act; so mustering faith and praying is no problem!

††††††††††† God uses dreams and visions to give insight into Hellís assignments: One night my husband had a vision. While sitting in the living room, he heard a helicopter, then saw it coming down in front of him. As it passed, he saw our family in the helicopter and he saw the pilot as well. Then he heard the Lord call the pilot by name and say, "Marty, you will fly with this pilot." Suddenly the vision location changed to a grungy hotel room, on an island near Africa. The pilot was on the floor in the room, dying from an overdose of drugs. The Spirit of the Lord said, "PRAY!" God first showed him His prophetic, future plans for the pilot, then He showed hellís assignment that must first be thwarted! The vision was graphic due to timing. Itís vivid impact was a mandate to pray NOW!

††††††††††† There is always a reason for dreaming, but not all dreams are revelation or mandates to pray. Some dreams are therapeutic: 1)Like when you have a conglomerate dream that involves every person youíve seen the last two weeks on television and at the grocery store! These dreams are like a stress therapy that is relieving your subconscious, clearing out the cluttered information you have absorbed! 2) Or, some dreams disclose subconscious issues that need resolve. These can be shocking, wild and embarrassing! Ľ Like, you are at your desk at work, trying to carry on business as usual, but it is very difficult, since for some unknown reason you came there straight from the shower, with just your towel! Ľ Or, you are back in Junior High, planning to get out of your locker - just as soon as you find your clothes! When your anxieties somehow get on video tape, they are not comfortable conversational dreams; but they actually have to do with issues of your heart concerning your identity and insecurities and self-image. We can pray and ready ourselves to receive: Help, Lord, thereís obviously a need, an itch in my soul that needs to be scratched.

††††††††††† But dreams and visions that are significant intercessory calls either 1) to receive intercessory ministry from God, or 2) calls to intercede in prayer or action, are usually impacting or recurring or detailed, realistic, unforgettable or troubling, even interruptive to sleep. In fact, significant dreams that are "Telegrams from God" cannot help but be impacting: He who forms the mountains, creates the wind, he who turns dawn to darkness and treads the high places of the earth - the Lord God Almighty is his name, he reveals his thoughts to man, (Amos 4:13). I recently had a dream that impacted me. I was in a house, an old house in a small town. I looked out the window and could see an old black man next door. He ran into his house when he saw me. I walked out to a dirt road, a little black boy playing in the road, saw me and ran away. I went back into the house and from the back porch I saw the previous owner rigging a booby trap for ambush. I suddenly realized he was an intimidating, prejudiced force to this region. He finally saw me and came in the house, menacingly, silently threatening me. The house was full of antiques. So I threatened to break a treasure every time he tried to bother me. He was anxious and angry, but trying to stay cool and call my bluff. I opened the cabinet which was full of antique vases and dishes. I picked one up and let it fall and shatter to show I was not bluffing; but doing that made me sick at my stomach. He tensed up. I picked up a skewer and quickly stabbed him, again just to prove I was not bluffing; but I had no intention of really hurting him. It penetrated at least 2 or 3 inches and he gasped. I stared at the bloody skewer and wound, and I was immediately regretful for my emotional reaction. I awoke. The Spirit of the Lord ministered to my understanding, explaining the dream was about intercessory warfare for the stronghold of prejudice. I suddenly knew it would not be brought down by reactionary measures, but by faith in God. Reactionary measures would only destroy heritage, hurt all victims and not remedy the situation. Again He reminded me that our weapons are not carnal! Instead I must Trust God to do the impossible.

††††††††††† Recurring dreams or visions: One man told me that every time it was time for a promotion, he would dream that he suddenly did not have the seniority he thought he had. This recurring dream was revealing his fear of being unequipped, a plaguing sense of inadequacy, (which I believe is the second most effective tool against the Body of Christ!) RECURRING dreams most often indicate an issue that needs to be resolved, or that is in the process of being resolved. PRAYER: Bring me to Truth, Lord, to understanding, to release!

††††††††††† Detailed, realistic and unforgettable dreams or visions: My mother received ministry from a night vision during a sickness unto death three years ago. In one night vision, she said I was there all night, covering her up, getting her to turn over and to eat and drink something, a constant vigil. It was so real to her that it was difficult to convince her the next day that I had not stayed the night. Evidently an angel ministered to her, and the angel looked like her daughter so she would not be frightened. In another night vision during this illness, Mother was in an airplane. My daughter Melissa was actually in Mexico at that time, and Mother knew the plane was taking her to Melissa. She was lying down in an orange blanket and all the interior of the plane was orange. I believe she was seeing what was going on in other dimensions, the plane representing both a prophetic view as well as being lifted in intercession where she saw herself being ministered to in heavenly places. The orange (red & yellow mixed) color symbolized being surrounded by the Blood and the Glory. When she arrived, Melissa came in and checked on her, telling her she would be alright. Melissa Said, "Iíve got a lot to do, but Iíll be back to check on you," as if the plane were a hotel or hospital. Mom rested well that night and began to recuperate, being watched over and ministered to in this heavenly place. She said, it was so real that it did not seem like a dream at all!

††††††††††† Troubling dreams and visions can be symbolic insights for intercession. They can be upsetting, but they are not literal bombs from hell with a short fuse. Instead they are symbolic reflections of conflict or issues in the realm of the soul or spirit. These are often not urgent time-wise, rather they are crucial for the long-haul and need wise, strategic prayer concerning: issues that need to be dealt with, or changes that need to be made, Ľ or warning of changes coming. (And most often, change disturbs us.)

Through intercession, we can be the voice of proclamation and deliverance, or we can be the voice of agreement that allows Godís transformation and renewal. For example, Death in a dream is rarely, if ever, a sad telegram to stir up fear, dread or grief. Would GOD show you a loved one getting violently stolen away in death to get you ready for sadness and grief by "getting you used to the taste of it," as I have heard some people say? That is absurd, especially since Jesus Himself said in Matt 6:34, "Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof." So rather than be threatened, be bold enough to find out what the death was symbolizing. For example, an intercessor friend of mine dreamed that she was going up a stairway that turned to the right. On the left there was a square opening like an attic door. So she stopped in front of this door and bent down to see inside. She was looking for a baby girl she remembered leaving in there. She put her hand in and moved something wooden. Then she smelled something dead. So she drew back and said, "I guess she's dead."

††††††††††† Now, this was a disturbing dream for someone like her, who was such a devoted and conscientious mother! But the dream was not literal. The baby represented a previous ministry opportunity or responsibility. Going up the stairs represented the growth and change in her purpose. The right turn of the stairs, signified future direction change. She looked back left, the direction of the past season of responsibility. She touched wood, as in "wood, hay and stubble," which is works rather than obedience that is "gold". The dream was showing her that trying to bring life back to the old season would be a useless work. And it confirmed that it was time to close the door and move on; for she found in the past the stench of death instead of the fragrance of life that was once in it. There was no sadness, just confirmation and new direction to prayerfully consider before the Lord.

††††††††††† Another example of symbolic insight for intercession is a dream I dreamed years ago. My teenaged brother was a baby again, barely walking. Someone drove by and shot him 3 times in the chest. I awoke, devastated, frightened, worried, desperately praying no one would harm my brother. I prayed for months without relief. Finally, I forgot the dream. Then two 2 years ago, I dreamed again that my brother, then in his 30's, was 7 years old and again someone drove by and shot him. I suddenly remembered the earlier dream and took both troubling dreams to the Lord in prayer. The Lord assured me that neither dream was a threat on his physical life. I could then see that both dreams were historical, even at the time I dreamed each. What I was seeing in the dreams was the age that my brotherís "heart" had been wounded. As I began to understand the current problems linked to these childhood wounds, I knew then how to intercede for healing, restoration and restitution. Through this the Lord also brought to my remembrance a time when I was nine years old, and my own heart had been wounded in taking up a family memberís offense. I suddenly understood a recurring dream from my early teens that was caused by unresolved guilt that I had carried from that childhood wound.

††††††††††† Be assured that the same God who gives dreams and visions intends that you understand them - especially when the purpose is intercession. So if symbolism seems to hide the message at first, write the vision down and pray in the Spirit, (even before it is made plain). Symbolism can pack a dream away until it is time to understand it. Some dreams become meaningful in stages or seasons of our life, because their message is both for current and future fulfillment. Also, some dreams have layers of meaning, each for a different aspect of a situation. Take the symbolism before God. Ask, seek and knock. Perhaps God will direct you to people, a biblical example, an encyclopedia, dictionary or other reference. Expect to hear from God and continue to pray, fully confident that the Spirit prays through you as needed in the meantime.

††††††††††† Troubling dreams or visions can literally be spying out the enemyís camp: Sometimes dreams or visions are traumatic due to the urgency of the call to prayer. God uses dreams and visions to commission us to interrupt hellís assignments. The dream or vision is a telegram describing a literal circumstance or potential incident and timing is the issue that must be addressed now! That adrenalin response can help get you out of bed and on to your knees.

Another dream I had about my brother was not symbolic but a literal, hellish assignment that was revealed. I dreamed I was in New Orleans where my brother lived. I looked out a bay window in his house and saw a truck stop on a distant road beyond an open field. The driver got out and started walking across the field toward the house. My brother was lying back in a recliner with his back toward the window and did not see him. Suddenly I realized the man was a contract killer coming after my brother. His gun glinted in the sunlight. I stretched over my brother in the recliner (intercessory position) protecting him, thinking, ĎNo way! Iíll kill that guy first.í I lifted a heavy, awkward feeling pistol, aiming, waiting for the man to get within range. I awoke, hearing, "Your weapon is not carnal. Your weapon is prayer! Now, cover him!"

††††††††††† Iíve heard people say they labored under a bad premonition for weeks or months and sure enough, it happened! What they had was a vision or image of something and they did not know they had authority to interrupt through intercession! Letís, gird up our loins in Truth and realize that witnessing violent killing, stealing or destruction in a dream or vision is a threat. DONíT tolerate threats! Express your intolerance through interruptive intercessory prayer! Be confident that hell has no authority to call the plays! We must be cunning as serpents to recognize we are spying out hellís plans. If we donít realize that we are glimpsing the enemyís plans that need to be spoiled, we can unwittingly go into mourning or apprehension and thereby actually agree with the enemyís plan, and our agreement gives him legal access. NO! Be confident that as a believer you have the authority to disallow and shut down the forces of hell revealed! Num 12:6 "And he said, Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the LORD will make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream." Jer 23:28,29 "The prophet [or inspired, affected, stirred, person] that hath a dream, let him tell [record, recount] a dream; What is the chaff to the wheat? saith the LORD. [The real, the meaningful, the purposeful will become obvious as you process the information you have.] "Is not my word like as a fire? saith the LORD; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?" Godís truth and mandate in a dream or vision is the intercessorís power & authority to take the land!

††††††††††† Dare to lay hold of your inheritance of dreams and visions! Dare to trust God to open your understanding! Dare to be the voice of intercessory prayer or proclamation or agreement! Donít waste time in frustration, feeling unequipped. The devilís second most successful weapon against the church is accusing them of being unequipped. The most successful weapon is CONDEMNATION, making the church feel unworthy of being equipped! Turn his weapons on him. When he comes at you with accusations of being unequipped, declare it good news! Because when we are weak, God is strong. And He will get the job done through us. Then that accusation that used to stop us cold will become heated fuel instead! James 5:13-16, here in a comprehensive breakdown of all the Greek word meanings declares: The (EFFECTUAL FERVENT) - direct, mighty, operative, actively-accomplishing, powerful, (PRAYER) - request, need, seeking, petition, asking, (of a RIGHTEOUS MAN) - person who is holy, right, just, innocent, faultless, guiltless and approved by God- (AVAILETH MUCH) - is a force that can! Can what? Fill in the blank as God directs!

††††††††††† Do you hesitate in daring to lay hold of effectual prayer in intercession because you feel you donít measure up to the definitions of Righteousness? We lose ground while allowing righteousness and authority to be questioned or doubted. Read Romans 3:21, 22; 5:17; & Phil 3:9 and you will find Godís Righteousness is a gift and can only be received by faith. Donít allow emphasis on your righteousness rather than His Righteousness! Neither allow emphasis on you rather than the Authority in you! Our AUTHORITY cannot waiver because it is Christ in us, neither can our RIGHTEOUSNESS waver because it is His! We dare not allow our faith in this Truth to waver either!

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