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The Believers End Time Battle

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Luke 18:1-3, 7-8 This parable reveals three Last Days Encounters. (1) Answers to prayers will seem a long time in coming (Luke .18:7) The elect cry out to God day and night and seem the answers are delayed in coming. (2) People will become faint if they are not cautions. (Luke 18:1) (3) It will be a time we will be attacked in the area of our faith (Luke 18:8)

In a way every spiritual attack is an attack against our faith. Jesus first tells us not to faint then tells us the story of a woman that keeps up until she gets her answer. There are places in the Bible where men prayed and didn’t get their answer to prayer. 2Samuel 12:16-18 David fasted for 7 days for the child born to Bathsheba. Numbers 12:13 Moses prayed for Miriam to be healed and didn’t get an immediate healing for her. Yet in the Bible, 100% of the time women that prayed got their prayers answers. Is it because God has a greater respect for women or treats them and their prayers differently that men? Have you noticed that there are men’s prayer breakfast or men’s prayer meeting but not a men’s intercessory prayer group, at least speaking of America. Women for the most part are the intercessors and for the most part they better know how to take a seed and give birth to it. She knows about travailing and birthing and carrying a seed a long time and are better at being patient and waiting for the answer than men who are less patient. Women as the one in the parable are more persistent in prayer than men as a whole. But we have to learn, especially men, to not faint but remain strong in faith until the answer comes. 1Peter 3:7 Notice that is a warning to ladies, not to men.

Examples of Prayer: Daniel 10:13, 20 As Daniel fasted for an answer to prayer, it was delayed because of the Price of Persia for 21 days. John 14:30 Jesus announced the prince of this world was coming but found nothing in Him, and then went into the Garden to pray and sweat as if it were great drops of blood as He was in great agony. Acts 12:5 It took an all-night long prayer battle of the church for Peter to be released from prison.

The Disciples prayed against a regional government all night, Daniel prayed against a national government for 21 days, and Jesus was praying against the Prince of Darkness and was in intense agony. The greater the principalities and powers you encounter the more intense the prayer has to be to get victory. Mark 9:28-29 To put in into a simple way: when you enter into a new spiritual level, it will bring on a new spiritual devil. Ephesians 6:12

In the instances where they wrestled against strong demonic powers, angles came onto the scene to give assistance. Acts 12:7-10 an angel delivered Peter from prison, Daniel 10:5-21 Michael had to come help the angel delivering the message, Luke 22:43-44 an angel came to minister to Jesus, Matthew 4:11 angels came to minister to Him after the devil left. There are 3 heavens 2Corinthians 12:2 and Satan is the Prince of the power of the air Ephesians 2:2. That’s the first heaven or the air or atmosphere around the earth. One good example of that is fact that for years Satan has had near total control over the airwaves in things like TV broadcasting and cable or satellite TV. Yes, there is now a lot of ‘Christian’ TV, but most of it is much compromised and ecumenical. Originally in creation, man was given dominion over the earth and the first heaven, Satan was cast down to the second heaven from the 3rd heaven where God’s throne is and in Revelation 12:12 he is cast out of the heavens into the earth. So currently there is a heavenly warfare going on as we got a picture of in Daniel chapter 10, a war for the souls of men, centered in the battle for the mind, as Satan works to deceive and darken the minds of man into believing a lie instead of the truth. 2Corinthians 4:4, Isaiah 53:1 But when a soul turns to Christ in faith, then that darkness is dispelled, as the light dispels the darkness and the captive is set free. Ephesians 5:8, 1Peter 2:9, 2Corinthians 4:6.

The issue here is that when you deal with higher powers of the air, it takes more than personal prayer. There needs to be the prayers of the church or even the help of an angel or angels to bring the victory. Many ministers who were doing okay and then they tried to broaden the scope of ministry or take on a new challenge and all of a sudden they get attacks from all over that they weren’t experiencing before. You go to minister in another country with greater demonic powers and control and all of a sudden you have attacks in the family, attacks of health, accidents, men in your church turning against you. Every one of these things happened to me in my ministry from trips I made to India. The greater devils you face, the greater help you need from the angels to strengthen you as Christ in the Garden and in the wilderness, or to fight for you. Jeremiah 12:5 If in the small battles you are wearied and tired, what will you do when the stronger and longer attacks come against you? Daniel 7:25a

Being anointed from God doesn’t make you immune from an attack of the enemy. Judges 8:4 We were tired and worn out from the battle but we remained in the battle. Isaiah 40:30 More than ever the young people are going to drugs, facing depression, demonic attack and committing suicide than ever before. Remember our beginning text of Luke 18:1-8. Genesis 27 is the story of Jacob and Esau. Esau came in hungry and tired and sold his birthright for a bowl of red stuff.

Three things happen when you become weary that you see in that story of Esau. 1) He despised his birthright. 2) He gave up in a moment of weariness. So tired he thought he was dying, though he wasn’t. 3) He was willing to eat whatever was put in front of him. When you become weary three things will happen. (1) You will despise what is precious to you that you really love (your family, church, people and things that you love) (2) You will give up if not cautious. (3) You will ‘eat’ whatever is set before you – even if it is from the devil. Remember Luke 18:8 Our faith will be so tested many will stop believing God. They loose heart.

Why do people loose faith.  Here are three reasons men loose faith. (1) They pray for something that doesn’t happen. (2) They believe for something and don’t receive it. (3) Trouble comes that they can’t explain. Job experienced trouble that he couldn’t explain and didn’t know the source of. We forget John 10:10. Look what his wife said in Job 2:9.

Men are so prone to thank God for the good things but blame Him for the bad things. Men are more affected easily by prayers that seem not to be answered or things they believe for that don’t come to pass. Many times when a loved one passes away, whether the person is young or old, another who had prayed and fasted even and believed God for that person only to see them die, then get upset with God and blame God. Yet if that person was in the Lord, it was their promotion to glory and out of this wicked sinful world of trials and tribulations. How can we get upset at God for promoting one of His own and delivering them from this evil and wicked world? Would we be upset it the Lord choose to take you home to glory? Would we say, Lord, I was doing well, I just got that promotion, I just bought a new car or home and didn’t even get to enjoy it, I was just planning a nice vacation and didn’t get to take it. Do we love and prefer this world so much that we don’t want to go be with the Lord who redeemed us and be delivered from this life? Or we so happy and contented and satisfied with the world that we want to hold onto this life or something here rather than be in heaven with the saints and the Lord Himself? Most ‘Christians’ today in the West especially, don’t have the right concept of heaven and eternity versus life in this world. What happened to the faith and hope of the saints? 2Corinthians 5:6, 8; John 14:3, 17:24, When Jesus comes for His own, many times it is suddenly and when He comes for His church in the end it will be suddenly. 1Thessalonians 4:17, Revelation 3:11, 22:12, 1John 3:2 Do you not want your eternal reward, or want a loved one to have theirs?

In the last days there will be a problem with weariness in the battle. We have to learn to wait on God patiently. Luke 8:15,21:19, James 1:3-4, Revelation 14:12 The implication is that you will receive whatever you need and lack nothing if you will endure and wait for it with patience. Hebrews 10:35-36 Satan has no fruit of the spirit, so he has no patience. So if you can just hang on and wait on the Lord, your patience will eventually bring you the victory or that answer to prayer, even if it require prayer and fasting.

Part 2

Ephesians 6:12 The Holy Spirit told a man of God, “Blessed is the man who is skilled with the sword, for it shall keep him from falling.” People will misunderstand you and oppose you but you can overcome the enemy by properly using the sword of the Word. Hebrews 4:12 You read about a two-edged sword in Revelation 2:12, 19:15. But that doesn’t mean that Jesus has a literal sword coming out of His mouth, but is means that He is speaking the Word of God. From the Greek Interlinear Bible you get this translation, “For the Word of God is alive and energized and sharper than any two-mouthed sword.” In Roman times there were several types of weapons, but the most deadly kind was a two-edged sword with a curved point on the end such that when thrust into a person, twisted and pulled out, it would literally pull out the persons insides and destroy him. That is the word used in this verse for two-edged or two-mouthed sword. What does that mean? Why is the Word considered two-edged or two-mouthed? When God spoke the Word that was an edge, but when you speak that word, it becomes a second edge. The real impact of the Word of God in our lives is not just that God has spoken it or speaks it, but that we believe it and speak it in faith believing that God will stand behind His Word. Then the Word becomes a two-mouthed sword. Two Greek words are used in the Bible for word. Logos and Rhema. Logos is an expression of thought, the embodiment of a concept, a saying or statement, or the revealed will of God. The Bible is the revelation or Logos of God. In the beginning was the Logos. The second Greek word – Rhema is a quickened word from the Word of God that moves in your spirit to bring revelation or understanding. It brings the word of God from the realm of the mind into the realm of your spirit and makes it a live or living Word within you where it has an impact and effect in your life. The Rhema is a specific word for a specific situation at a specific time that God quickens into your spirit. Romans 10:17 Many know the Bible but have very little faith personally. One can read it and get faith and another reads that word and gets nothing out of it. Hebrews 4:2  Something has to happen when you hear the preaching of the Word of God. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by receiving the quickening Word of God into your spirit. Faith comes by the quickening of the Spirit. Ephesians 6:17 The quickened word becomes the sword of the spirit.

When David fought Goliath the scripture says; 1Samuel 17:49-51. John Wesley said “The stone threw him down to the earth and bereaved him of sense and motion, but their remained some life in him which the sword took away. So completed the work.” When Goliath fell over, he was stunned but not dead until David cut his head off. Josephus said, “The stone fell upon his forehead and sunk into his brain. Goliath was stunned and fell on his face.” When David went to battle Goliath, he took 5 stones. He then took one of those stones and threw it with his sling, hitting Goliath in the forehead or temple and he fell stunned. David knew if he got back up he would be dangerous. So David took Goliaths sword and cut off his head, thereby rendering him helpless and unable to get up with finality – being dead. Many times we attack the enemy and temporarily defeat them, we stun them and think we have victory over that devil. But then that thing we thought we defeated comes back against us later on and we don’t understand why. David knew that the stone would stun the giant and knock it down, but he also knew that it wouldn’t kill him and that he needed the sword to cut off his head to stop Goliath from being able to get back up and fight again. Sometimes in worship we seem to get victory over the enemy, but he is only stunned and not cut off at the root. For that it will take the sword of the Word. 

First recognize your weapon - 1Samuel 17:39. David choose the sling to go to battle instead of the armor of king Saul because the sling is what he was familiar with and knew how to use in battle. Second, know that the battle is the Lord’s and only He can give the victory – 1Samuel 17:47. The battle you are going to - belongs to God, so cast the care of that battle upon the Lord. Third, stand strong and face your conflicts – 1Samuel 17:48. Don’t run from your battle or conflict that is coming against you. Face the conflict head on, face your enemy face-to-face. Fourthly, Get to the root of the problem – 1Samuel 17:54. When you pray, don’t just pray general prayers, but get to the root of the problem and need. Pray against that which is keeping a person in bondage.

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