The Kabah and Masjid Al Haram in Modern Times
Kaba at night

The following are a collection of articles and information from numerous sources.

The Islam Cartoons - Cartoon Controversy and What is Happening in the Islamic World

A Warning To The Free World From An Ex-Mulsim (Photos that show the bloodiness of Islam)

Real Photographs of Islam (Photos that show the bloodiness of Islam)

***Mohammed's Believe It or Else (comic book story showing the insanity of many teachings of Mohammed - with many quotes from the Hadith, and the Quran.)

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Video of Wafa Sultan Debating Islamic CLeric

Islamic Invasion

Don't Muslims Worship The Same God as Christians?
Where Did Allah Come From
How The Quran Came To Be
Scientific Errors In The Qu'ran
Is The Quran The Word of God
Common Logical Fallacies Made By Muslims


Some basic facts About Islam
Five Pillars of Faith
Five Articles of Faith
Background of Islam
Pagan Origins of Islam
The Quran and Questioning
The Rejection of the Quran by Arabs
Christ in the Koran
Misconceptions About Trinity
Studying with Muslims

Islam and The Gospel

The History of Islam
The Current Status of Islam
The Basic Beliefs of Islam
The Basic Practices of Islam
A Christian Perspective on Islam
Islam: Table
Man and the Universe
Salvation and the After Life
Allah Had No Son (comic book story)
Arab-American Psychiatrist Wafa Sultan Interview (aired on Al-Jazeera TV)
Arab-American psychiatrist Wafa Sultan and Dr. Ahmad Bin Muhammad (an Algerian professor of religious politics)
bin Laden's Former Mufti Talks About Jihad
Can Muslims Be Good Americans?
Christ and the Sword of Mohammed
Do Muslims Believe in Jesus
Fatwa and Faith
How To Witness To Muslims
If Your Wife Leaves Islam She Must be Executed
Invitation to Muslims
Islam and Wife Beating
Islam: Cult or Religion?
Islam's War With Christianity
Islam: Submission vs. Grace
Islamic Politics 101
Mohammed Foretold in The Bible
One-Way Sympathy
What Is Islam?
Qur'an - Koran
Taking the Mystery Out of Muslims
Taliban Fun (Pictures that make fun of the Taliban and bin Laden)
The Big Bang in the Qur'an
The Koran and Jesus Christ
The Koran and the Salvation of Jesus Christ
The Prophet (comic book story)
What Is Islam?
Where Lies Muslims' Loyalty?

Testimonies Of Converted Muslims

Story of Hassan from the UAE
Story of Pastor B. Abraham
Story of Abdul Saleeb
Story of Adel Mohammed El Naggar
Story of Aishah
Story of Bassam
Story of Garba Adamu
Story of Sarah in Iran
Story of Walid from Palestine
Story of Zia Nodrat

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