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(Alternate spellings: Muhammad/Mohammad/Mohammed)

Muhammed was an Arab man, who lived 1400 years ago.

To realize his desire to rule over people, and satisfy his above-average sexual desires, he lied to everyone that he was receiving revelations from God.

Comparing to his surrounding people who were immoral enough to bury their infant daughers, he was a relatively clever guy, intelligent, but evil to the core. Studying Islam almost makes one think Mohammed was the devil himself which he kept talking of.

From a muslim perspective, Mohammed was a kind truthful man, and the true last prophet of God.
Read the Quran and Hadith and decide for yourself.

This is all there is to him. He was an evil liar and a violent man with a larger than usual sexual appetite. He was a pedophile, because when he was 54 years old, he married a 9 year old little girl. He was old enough to be her grandfather.

If Mohammed was truelly a prophet, he would have set better examples.
If Allah was a true god, he would know that Mohammed would be called a pedophile in the future. How could Allah allow his last messenger to be called a pedophile in the future? Was it necessary for Mohammed to have married a 9 year old little girl and result in being called a pedophile later on?

Character defects like these and many other factors, such as the absence of miracles in Quran disqualify Mohammed as being the last messenger of God.



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