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To Muslims, Quran is a holy book, revealed directly to Mohammed through the angel Gibrael. To them, it the absolute truth, the last message to mankind from the Creator of this Universe.

In reality, Quran is a creation of Mohammed's mind and includes collections of stories, brainwashing techniques, general common sense and morals, and some "scientific" statements.
All these elements were either common sense, were borrowed from other religions and sources, or were invented by Mohammed.
A good study of what Mohammed borrowed from other sources, can be studied at the Answering Islam site.

The reason why Quran is not divine, is that, it contains many defects, contradictions, wrong morals and incorrect science, and on top of it, all this has been copied from other sources.
All of Quran's scientific miracles have been refuted many times, such as on the Faith Freedom International website.

Had "Allah" been a true God, He would have made the Quran infinitely strong in such a way that any human being, no matter how hard he/she tried, would never be able to point out any defect in it.
Instead, today, Islam is the World's most hatred and criticised religion, and Quran is being called the "manual of Terrorism".

So, could Quran truely be the "last" message to mankind by the Creator of this wonderful Universe?
Common sense replies with a firm negative.

As a summary of what the Quran actually is all about:
- In most of the verses, Quran keeps praising Allah the non-existent God. When you read the Quran, almost every now and then you'll see familiar verses like 'And Allah is merciful, forgiving' (SURE he is).

- It gives many threats of Hellfire, as well as gives promises of Heaven- this is to entice the believer into action, using this simple push/pull strategy which is used by other religions as well but not to the extent which is used in Islam.

- Quran contains orders for Muslims, how they should live their lives. Not all aspects of life are covered, an example being masterbation, or using your friends login information to access confidential information on company computers.

- Quran contains events and stories of the past. They were mostly copied from other religions. Check here for detailed information on this.

- Quran contains a sprinking of 'scientific' statements, which tried to impress the illiterate reader 1400 years ago. That was the era in which the Sun and the Moon were thought to go around the Earth. Today we know these 'scientific statements' to actually contain wrong science, as well as stuff copied from other religions and scientists of those time. An example is the idea of sperm being generated in the Backbone[Quran 86:6]. This idea was proposed by Greek scientists, and copied by Mohammed. If we had copyright laws 1400 years ago, Mohammed would have been jailed for copyright infringement and there would be no Islam today. Sadly, it was the era in which people buried their infant daughters and thus he took advantage of the fact that people around him were inhuman Arabs with *no* moral sense. Thus, Quran has *little* moral sense, when comparing to universal standards.

If the Quran was 100% bad, it would die out quickly. For this reason, Mohammed included some good things in Quran, so good people would support the Quran and keep Islam alive.
At the same, terrorists act out on the bad teachings of Quran, resulting in global terrorism whose painful effects have been and are being experienced by everyone.
It is these bad teachings of Quran that have jeapordized the Global peace process. One of the many excellent articles which illustrates this point while citing evidence from Quran, can be read here on the FFI web site.

Islamic terrorism will continue to injure mankind and create misery on Earth, until Islam ceases to exist.



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