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Testimony of Olga -part 1 continued

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The First Soul in Hell

I was standing there crying.  It is my nature to have a cold personality, but there I was crying.  When I heard these voices in hell, I felt great pain.  The first soul I saw come up from hell was a young brother.  I knew him personally in Russia.  He was 25 years old when he died in a car accident.  After he died, there were people who had a vision or prophecy that he was going to heaven, but he didn't.  He was in hell instead.  He started to tell me about how and why he went to hell.

I think this will be a big encouragement to the young brothers.  I want to warn all you young people.  If you promise something to each other you have to keep it.  If you promise and don't do it, you will be guilty; then the Lord will require it from your hands the same as He required it from this brother.  He was young and preached in Siberia.  He traveled and built three Churches in Siberia.  He was very strong in the faith.

One time when he came back to the Ukraine from Siberia, he started working with the youth there.  He was traveling and had an evangelistic outreach.  During this time he had a desire to get married.  He wanted to find a (Christian) sister for his wife, so he went to a city and found a sister.  He started getting acquainted with her.  He told me from hell that they sinned together.  This sister conceived a baby and, for some reason, they didn't have a wedding ceremony.  She started to show.  When the (Church) elders noticed it, they started to investigate.  They tried to find out who the father was.  The sister told them that it was this brother.  Everyone was shocked and wouldn't believe it, because they thought he was a strong believer.  He denied it and said she was lying about him and that it wasn't true.  When they prayed about it, there was a prophecy or revelation given which said that she was lying and that it wasn't true about this brother.

So they excommunicated this sister, but he could still be a preacher.  He traveled and sang.  Now he witnessed to me in hell that, at the time, he knew he was in sin.  However, he didn't want to shame his father, because his father was a pastor, an elder.  He said that what he did bothered him and made him miserable.

"The Lord called me to repent and go back to this sister and receive her.  Because I had sinned with her, I had promised her before that I would marry her.  However, I didn't fulfill this.  I didn't want to be ashamed before others.  After this, a short time passed, and the tears of this sister cut off my life."

He went to hell because he didn't repent.  This is the first person I saw.  He was 25 years old.  You know, he spoke with lots of fear and said, "I think God will take me from here.  Then I will go and preach and say the truth and be a good man.  I'll find this sister..."

He spoke like this.  People in hell are full of false hope.  He knew my name, but he called me "soul", and said, "why did you come here?  You've had more chances to repent than I.  Why did you come here?"

In hell there are no hypocrites.  They don't speak to tickle people's ears.  They speak the exact truth.   That was the first person I saw there. 

The Second Soul in Hell

The second person that I saw was a sister.  You knew this sister (the Church she is now speaking to) personally before in Russia.  She was a prophet. She was a sister in Christ, but I saw her in hell.  I'll explain why she went to hell.  I don't know how prophecy and revelations operate here, but if you're a chosen vessel with gifts and you've heard the voice of the Lord before, if the Lord speaks 1 word, don't add and speak two words.  I beg of you brothers and sisters: be careful when you say "thus saith the Lord", for you will answer to God for this, like this sister lost her eternal life with God.  She was chosen by God to be a prophet and she heard the voice of God, but she started to want more from God, so she started to add to God's words.

For example: the Lord spoke to her about and for someone else.  However, she would add something.  The Lord spoke to her about this and said, "soul, you can't do this.  For you to continue doing this is sin.  This is not My will".  However, she wouldn't obey.

One time later, she wanted to have the gift of casting out demons or raising the dead back to life and healing.  However, God told her, "I gave you a gift to work with my people and you are not to add words".  However, she wouldn't listen to this.  She wanted more glory for herself and kept adding words.  She loved it when people praised her.  She loved it when there were miracles through her, therefore, people would say, "this is a great sister".  She was popular.  She was over 50 years old and I remember when I was at a meeting in her house in the Ukraine.  I came with everyone to her house for a meeting and we found her dead.  No one could understand why, but now I saw her in hell.  She explained to me why.  Brothers and sisters, I knew this sister!

When she explained this to me, she was so regretful.  She said, "soul, I'll come back to earth.  I believe the Lord will return me back to earth.  Then I will say the truth and witness.  I will never add something.  I knew God.  Why did I do this?!"

These were in fire, not in the smoke like I was.  They were in the fire!  She was crying so much.  I felt so sorry for her.  I thought my heart would never make it.  She witnessed to me why she went to hell.  She heard the voice that had warned her many times not to add words, but she didn't obey.  That's why she went to hell.

When she started asking for more manifestations, God said, "just pray".  However, she didn't obey this.  The time before she died, she was kneeling in her house before the meeting was to start.  She kneeled and said, "Lord, I think satan has more power than you".  She said, "because satan gives everything to his servants right away: power and manifestations, but You have less power than satan".

The Holy Spirit said, "take Me away from this soul".  So God took His Holy Spirit from her, suddenly.  Satan immediately killed her body and took her soul.  She could only stand up, lay on her bed and die.  Brothers and sisters: don't speak against God.  This sister spoke against God only once, and she went to hell.  I tell you again, vessels of God, when the Lord speaks through you, and He says one word, don't say two. 

The Third Soul in Hell

The third person that came from hell was a sister too.  She did many good deeds in her life.  This is what she explained to me.  When she was alive, she always gave up everything that she had, even if it was her last possession.  Even if she had to go hungry for three days, she would give and not regret it and this pleased God.  I saw a list of all her good deeds.  She was full of good deeds, but on this page, I saw that all her good deeds were crossed out.  I couldn't understand why, but she explained why they were.

When she did her good deeds, she would go and tell other people, witnessing about all her good deeds.  She wanted people to praise her.  When she shared them with others, the Lord crossed the deed out.  She came before God as unfruitful.  She wasn't in adultery nor did she have any big sins.  She was only unfruitful; without fruit.  When she came before God as unfruitful, she knew she was going to hell.  The Lord had warned her not to do this.  He told her to, "make sure your right hand doesn't know what your left is doing.  Also that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing." She knew she was wrong.  She heard God's voice, but she didn't obey.  She was pleased when others spoke good of her.  All her good deeds were for nothing.  I tell you she had no other sins.  She just came unfruitful.  I call you my friends to go work to bear fruit.  It's very important, because even if you're a good Christian and you don't do any evil, but you just sit in the background as unfruitful, you need to know that your end is hell.  In heaven there are no unfruitful people. 

The Fourth Soul in Hell

The fourth person I saw was a brother.  He had been an elder (pastor) at the time a car hit and killed him.  He was 38 years old.  I don't know what you believe, but I don't care.  I will relate to you what this soul explained to me when I saw him.  I want to pass it on to you.  It's your business how you receive it.

This elder was an elder of a Church that the Lord loved.  It wasn't a big Church.  The Lord sent a prophet to them and said to this elder, "I want this Church to be fulfilled in teaching".  This elder didn't understand what it meant and the Lord sent this prophet again and said, "I want you to have communion in the right way".  I have never been in a Church before where people washed feet and I never thought it was important, but when the Lord revealed this to me, I felt sorry about my past.

This elder didn't do foot washing in his Church.  He was against it because his father had taught him that it wasn't important.  When his father died and he became the elder, he didn't think it was important.  However, the Lord sent His prophet who said, "you have to do this because it's a commandment".  However, this elder started to argue with the prophet.  The prophet said, "brother, the Lord said this".  Many times the prophet came to this elder and warned him.  The elder told him, "in my Church, I'm the ruler".  The prophet said, "brother, don't talk that way.  The Lord said this".  However, the elder said, "I'll tell you again: I'm the ruler in my Church", and defended himself.

The Lord sent this prophet once more to warn this man, but this man was very stubborn and said, "this is how my father taught me and I understand the same way".  He had started to lose his love for this prophet, but the Lord had given him a chance to repent, but he refused.  One day he was walking on the street.  As he was crossing the street, a car hit and killed him.  He went to hell because he said "This is My Church.  I'm the ruler". 

Brothers and sisters: pay attention to the voice of God; to what He speaks to your heart.  It's not my business to teach you, but I tell you that this soul is in hell, because he said he was the ruler.  When the Lord tells you to do something once, go and do it.  If you don't do what He asks, He will require it from your hand.

At Least Three Opportunities to Repent

All of these souls (in hell) told me that they were given three opportunities to repent.  As their voices were fading away, I heard them from far away saying, "No.  We had more than three chances to repent."

Final Exhortations

It's only a few hours until the end of this day.  How have we started this day? Did we Pray?  The Lord revealed this to me: that some of you came here just because you were curious.

I see your faces and feel sorry for you, because so many of you don't even pray anymore.  Brothers and sisters you need to know that prayer is power.  I don't want to see it when the Lord starts to whip you.

Her Vision

Two weeks ago I had a vision: I saw a road and I saw people standing in line.  I saw Jesus and satan.
1) Jesus spoke, "those who are thieves, leave here", and then I saw many people start to move away.
2) "who is a murderer?  Leave here", and many started to move from the line.  I recognized these people's faces.  They moved away from this line and they were believers!
3) "Who doesn't have peace in his heart, move away".  More and more people started to move away.  Oh Brothers and sisters: only around 25 people were left standing in line! 

Second Vision

When this vision was gone I saw another vision.  I saw a sifter and hands that held this sifter.  Inside the sifter, I saw a mound of wheat.  It was heaped up above the rim of the sifter.  When I saw this I thought, 'oh, this is good.  There's a lot of wheat."  But then I saw the sifter start to shake, and I noticed that all the wheat fell to the earth together with the chaff.  They fell because they were empty inside.  When I looked inside the sifter, there were only about 25 kernels left.  These kernels were full.  They didn't fall through the screen because they were big enough to stay.  I heard these words: "it's finished.  Harvest has come."  My dear friends, we know that harvest is the end of time.  Let's think about that.


It's very hard for me to talk right now.  I have lots of pain in my flesh.  I look around and I see young men here.  It is your place to teach, not the sisters.  It's for YOU!  It's your place to hold a Bible here.  It will make your parents joyful when they see you working for God.

It doesn't please God for us to come to a meeting and talk about all our earthly problems before the meeting.  This is not pleasing to God.

Why did God say that you don't pray?  Don't you know that we HAVE to pray? The day of the Lord is near.

Destruction of Cities

The Lord told me something not very long ago and I want to share this with you.  Cities will be burned with fire and it will start at midnight.  The Lord said to me, "I will take you in Spirit from here and to another country.  The city where you are will be burned with fire".  This word also said, "I will go through and search the houses of My people.  I will check their door posts.  The houses, whose door posts don't have blood on them, will I destroy.

Brothers and sisters: it's not my business, but I want to ask you what do you have in your houses?"

It was revealed to me that in your houses, you have satan's property as first place.  There is no place for the Lord in your houses.  My dear brothers and sisters: it is not my business to teach, but I do tell you that even if you spend $400 - $500 for this private property of satan's, throw it away out from your house.  God's day is near and He will search your houses.  I'm just asking you.  

I'm not trying to be nosey, please understand.  I had a TV in my house before.  I spent $500 on it.  I feel very sorry now about the time I spent on it and the money.  Back then, I didn't feel one bit sorry.  I could have given that money to people who are in need.  You don't think that we have any poor in America, but the Lord revealed to me that there are many poor people here.  You can find them and give this money to them.  

Brothers and sisters: check and see what you have in your houses, because you will answer before God about it.  Don't try to excuse yourself by saying, "I only watch Christian programs".  Don't make excuses.  This is the private property of satan in your house.  The Lord will come to judge this earth and your house will perish (be destroyed) because you have that which is cursed in your house.

It is like when (king) Saul took spoils from the Amalekites and lost all his blessings.  He had heard the voice of God before, but he couldn't hear it anymore because of this.  So he went and listened to another voice; the voice of a witch.  He was afraid, because he couldn't hear the voice of the Lord anymore. Oh my dear souls, today you get worried because the Lord doesn't speak to you, but which of you is thinking about the time?

I don't know, but maybe the Lord will move me away soon.  I tell you that the day before the destruction comes upon this place, it will be very nice.  It will be warm and sunshiney.  However, in the night, fire will come to this city and all these cities will be on fire.  Maybe you will remember what I'm telling you and you'll wake up one night, because something outside is crackling.  Then you will have to realize that you are perishing.  But, it will be too late to ask forgiveness then.  There will be a destruction, because the Lord is punishing.  At this time there will be no more forgiveness for anyone.  However, if you stay on your knees in prayer, the Lord will come to you and say, "soul stand up and follow me.  I will lead you out, but this city will be destroyed by fire".  But NO!  Don't think that you can just sleep in your nice bed and that the Lord will come and wake you up.  No, it won't be like that!  The Lord revealed to me that you don't pray.  How many times do you wake up at night to pray? 

Pray for your Children

Fathers and mothers: pray about your children.  You think that they are Christians, but you don't know them.  How many are in adultery in your Church?  You shouldn't think that just because they sit through Church, that they're Christians.  They will perish!  The Lord revealed this to me.  Fast and pray for them; for the youth who are perishing.

My dear sisters, I don't want to point you out.  However, when you come before the Lord, please cover your heads.  How can you stay in God's presence with your heads uncovered?  And you're not ashamed?  Don't defend yourself by saying, 'the Lord says this is only for wives.  It's not for me."  Sisters, when you come before God you must cover your heads. 

Charismatic Church

When I was backslidden I went to a Charismatic Church called "Chapel or Church of Praise".  When I was there I sang and jumped.  I feel very sorry about the time that I spent there.  Brothers and sisters, if you've ever sung the song 'satan, you are under my feet', never sing it again because it is prideful.  You don't know what you're doing.  Even Michael the archangel wouldn't bring this kind of accusation against satan, but he said, "the Lord rebuke you".  The Lord rebuked me for singing this song in New York.  Think about what you are saying when you sing and what is coming from your lips?  The real situation is that WE are in sin and that WE are under satan's feet.  However, we sing, "satan, you're under my feet" anyway.  When I was healthy I could jump and clap and everything, but when the Lord touches me, I can hardly walk through this building.  When the Lord touches me, it doesn't cause me to jump and clap and that kind of excitement.

When I came to the edge of hell I had no desire to jump.  I had lots of pain concerning my past, because I had lived without God and I was perishing.

Brothers and sisters: don't think that you can sin, and then come to Church and sing "hallelujah", when you're sinking in sin.  I don't know, but maybe you know some other way to eternal life?  Maybe your way says that you can sin and still go to heaven?  But I wasn't going to go to heaven.  When I went my way, my end was hell.

Lack of Prayer

This is why I plead with you dear sisters, when you come before God, dress yourself in a Godly dress.  Don't dress yourself in this world's dress.  I don't want to be harsh with you.  I am just pleading with you, because if the Lord comes to you and searches your heart, you know it will be found empty.  Before you came to the meetings, you didn't pray.  Instead, you spent a long time in front of the mirror.  Then you come to Church like this and you want blessings? Repent today! 

Final Pleas

Right now, as I'm finishing my talk, I can see the hearts of those who want to repent today and ask forgiveness of the Lord.  I plead with you my dear friends.  We have a very short time left.  I don't know if you understand me but, I want to totally give my life to the Lord.  I asked the Lord, "make these people see the glory of heaven and may they give their whole life for Your glory". I don't want you to ever see hell like I did.

After my experience (near hell), I had to fast and pray for my health because of my pain.  I can't work because of the pain.  Who would hire me when I'm disabled because of this?  Brothers and sisters, nobody will need you if you become disabled when the Lord touches you.  However, when you were in good health, you didn't give your life to the Lord.

Plea to the Youth

I ask you, youth: my calling is to the youth because I'm young.  I want you to give your whole life to the Lord.  Then maybe things will be different in Church.  At work people will start saying, "you're different".  Now you're the same as the world.  The Lord says, "be separate". 

What the souls in Hell wish

Now I want to go back and talk about these souls that came to me from hell.  I was crying and my heart wasn't even right.  I wanted to come back to the earth and ask everyone to forgive me.  I wanted to forgive everyone.  If someone grieved me, I wanted to forgive them too, because those people in hell felt very sorry about their past.  They ask for forgiveness, but they don't have any, because when they were on the earth they didn't forgive: "For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses." (Matt. 6:14-15).  

You need to love one another, because today you don't love each other.  You ignore each other.  If you went to hell, you would be very sorry about this.  In hell everyone stays in sorrow about what they've done and everyone asks each other, "soul, you had more opportunities to repent than I.  Why didn't you repent?  Why did you come here?"

The Next Road

After this, I noticed that the angel and I were standing on another road.  It was different from the first one.  As we walked on this road, I also saw flowers.  I saw a gate.  It was a big gate.  In me I knew that we had to go through this gate.  Before we came to the gate, the angel stood before me, face to face and said, "point your finger at me".  I was ashamed to do this, but the angel repeated, "point your finger at me".  I did this and he said, "see how many fingers are pointing back at you?  Three.  Before you start to judge someone else, see how many fingers are pointing at yourself".

Then we walked towards the gate again.  When the angel stretched out his hand the gate opened by itself and I saw two people standing by this gate.  They were the same height as the angel standing next to me; the same height as Christ.  One of these two brothers (at the gate) was Ivan Antonovich Levchuik, from the Ukraine.  Maybe you know him?  When I saw his face I recognized his face, but his body was the body of a young man; tall and nice, but his face was the face of an elderly man.  He stood wearing a long white robe.  The second man also had on a long white robe.  They stood near the gate.  Ivan had water baptised me.  I wanted to yell with joy because I saw him.  I wanted to call his name, but I couldn't yell.  He simply nodded his head and said, "soul, give your life to the Lord".  I couldn't answer him anything.

I felt as though we had to go on so we went.  The gate closed behind us.  When the gate slammed shut, I was immediately at my house.  I found myself on my knees.  I tried to get up, but I couldn't, because I was in very great pain.  I never felt like that before.  I crawled over to the TV stand and pulled myself up.  When I looked over, the angel stood by the door with his hand on the door knob.  He looked at me and said, "my people, if you don't carry the idols out from your houses, you will carry your children out".

If you want to pass on these words, please don't add anything to what the angel said to me.

Oh my friends, I came back to my house at 4 A.M.  I had no rest until 6 A.M. after I had carried everything out from my house that was ungodly and wasn't pleasing to God.  Make up and everything had to go.  I had thought that it would only take me two minutes to take everything out and repent.  I tried to clean everything out in only a few minutes, but it took me two hours.  I took everything out and I didn't feel sorry about any of those possessions.

I called my parents and told them everything.  They obeyed what the Lord said.  I felt blessed.  I started to pray and became broken.  I started to call everyone I had grieved, hated and those that knew I hated them.  I asked forgiveness.  We prayed together and I felt blessed.  But the pain in my flesh is with me to this day.

Oh youth!  You have a free will to give your life to the Lord, because many of the faces I saw on this road are still alive today.  Today is the day.  Maybe you won't have any more time.

Two days ago in a Rochester, New York fellowship, we had a funeral.  A boy died in an accident.  He was 24 years old.  Where did he go?  You don't know when your life will be over, even if you're young.  If your life is not with the Lord where will you go?  Think and meditate about your eternal life.  Where would you go if the Lord took you from this life?  If He said, "this is your last day"?  Even old people will want to stay alive when they hear this call.  You will start crying and ask for life.  You won't want to die, because your life was not according to the Word of God.

Oh my dear friends.  It's up to you how you receive what I have witnessed to you.

I want to give my whole life to the Lord and I would like it if you would pray for me.  I need this.

I know the Lord will give me the fear to walk rightly before Him all my life, because we have a very short time on this earth.

"Let's Pray"

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