Charms and Spells

Accio = a charm that summons an object to your hand

Alohomora = door-unlocking spell

Aparecium = spell to make invisible ink visible

Apparate = a spell to transport oneself instantly to any destination. Apparating is difficult and must not be done without a licence from the Department of Magical Transportation. There is a danger of splinching.

Avada Kedavra = the killing curse (an Unforgivable Curse)

Avis = a spell that conjures up a flock of small birds from the end of a wand

Banishing Charm = a charm to reverse the "Summoning Charm" (aka Accio)

Bubble-Head Charm = a charm that produces a bubble of air around one's head, used for staying underwater for a period of time

Crucio = a painful curse (an Unforgivable Curse) known as the Cruciatus Curse

Deletrius = a spell to make a ghostly object vanish

Densaugeo = a spell causing teeth to grow

Diffindo = a spell to make something split

Disapparate = a spell to make one disappear at will

Dissendium = spell that opens entrance to secret passage to Hogsmeade

Enervate = a charm to re-energize a person

Engorgio= swelling curse

Expecto Patronum = a spell to guard against the Dementors

Expelliarmus = disarming spell

Ferula =spell to conjure a sling for a broken limb

Fidelius Charm = acharm that conceals a secret within a person (Secret-Keeper) so that no one will know about it unless the Secret-Keeper chooses to divulge it.

Finite Incantum = used to stop the effect of Charms or Incantations

Flipendo = a spell that shoots a ball of energy in a straight line. This spell can push objects, stun enemies or break containers.

Four-Point Spell = points the charmer's wand to piont due North

Furnuculus Curse = a curse to cover one with boils

Impediment Jinx = used to slow down and obstruct attackers

Imperio = a curse of total control (an Unforgivable curse) known as the Imperius Curse

Impervius = spell to repel water

Incendio = a fire-lighting spell

Jelly-Legs Jinx = a charm that makes one's legs wobble like jelly

Locomotor Mortis = a leg-locking spell

Lumos= spell to light the tip of your wand

Lumos Solarum = spell that Hermione uses (in the first film) to force the Devil's Snare to withdraw from Ron. This plant is supposed to wither from fire, not sunlight.

Mobilarbus= a spell to move trees

Mobilicorpus = spell to move someone who canít walk; move with invisible strings

Morsmordre = spell to conjure up the 'Dark Mark'

Nox= spell to extinguish light on your wand

Obliviate = memory modifier which makes the subject forget; eraser

Orchideus = charm to make flowers burst from the tip of a magic wand

Patronus = a charm that produces a guardian between a Dementor and a wizard. It is conjured up by the incantation ĎExpecto patronumí.

Petrificus Totalus = spell to bind arms and legs together; a full body-bind

Peskipiksi Pesternomi = a non-working spell used by Professor Lockhart to round up those pesky pixies!

Prior Incantato = reverses a spell

Quietus = a charm to reverse the 'sonorus' charm

Reducio = shrinking charm

Reductor Curse = enable user to blast solid objects out of his/her way

Relashio = a spell to make someone let go of something

Reparo = repairs to normal charm (fixes broken stuff)

Rictusempra= tickling spell

Riddickulus = spell which turns a Boggart into a funny looking creature

Serpensortia = a spell used to make a snake appear

Shield Charm = used to cast a temporary, invisible wall around the charmer, that deflected minor curses

Sonorus = megaphone charm

Splinching = an injury caused by careless Apparating. A part of the Apparating person's body is left behind.

Stunning Spell = a spell to stun the opponent

Stupefy = a curse to stun the opponent

Summoning Charm = also known as 'Accio'

Tarantallegra = dancing spell

Transfiguration = the art of turning one thing into another

Waddiwasi = to unstick something at a great force

Wingardium Leviosa = Levitation spell




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