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I'm praying for you at this moment in time, I'm asking God to give you peace of mind.

I'm bowing my head before our Father, asking that things don't get any harder.

I'm requesting that God does for you, exactly what He knows is the very best to do. I could ask one way and
be wrong in my desire, so I ask to His precious will I aspire.

I go to Him with what I know that you need, and then I in faith allow Him to proceed.

I don't tell Him exactly what to do or how, and though I'm anxious don't stipulate now.
I leave both the way and the time solely up to Him; I just wait to see when He'll begin.

He has never failed me in the slightest way, that's why I love Him more every day.

Your Blessing is coming, is what I'm saying, How do I know? Because I'm praying!

©November 6, 2004
Barbara Philbrook
All Rights Reserved

Used with written permission, thanks hon!



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